Tellin’ the Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ January 25th, 2011

Tellin the truth Tuesday

Well, I’m very happy to report that every night last week (but one) I went to bed by 11:30. One night I went to bed at 9:45 and one night I went to bed at midnight.

I’ve been trying to wake up earlier too so I can have a relaxed morning. I just have to keep this up for a few more weeks and I’m hoping that my night owl ways will be a thing of the past.

Waking up earlier is still rough and I hit the snooze way too much but little by little I’m getting up earlier than I was in the past.

I’m on the maintenance phase of my diet right now. I’m doing well. I’m enjoying a few more foods but I’m adding them in very slowly and going very easy on the cheese! I think that’s what messed me up last time.

I’m trying a new exercise I heard about and seeing results–believe it or not! It’s called T Tapp. So far I just do this one I found online and a couple from the book–I borrowed it from the library. I’m hoping to save up for a DVD to do the entire workout.

What about you? Any health progress or goals you want to set?


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