Bargain Shopping

by adustyframe ~ January 26th, 2011

wfmwbannerkristenI enjoy finding bargains online. Thanks to Crystal and a couple other blogs, I find great coupons, freebies, and deals.

Last week, a great deal on an Amazon gift card blazed across the internet. I really wanted to get one, but we just don’t have money for extras right now.

YES! it was a super deal, and I use Amazon a lot. I’ve learned to trust God for my bargains.

I know that if I can’t afford a great deal right now God will provide the item or bargain when I NEED it.

When I need something on Amazon, I’m sure I’ll find a good sale or someone will give me a certificate. OR we’ll have income that justifies the expense.

I found a Pampered Chef 9×13 stoneware pan at the thrift store last week. It was brand new. I love those things! It was marked $12.99 which is definitely a deal.

I picked it up and had it in my cart for awhile but put it back. I don’t need it. It didn’t matter that it was a “good deal”. If I can’t afford it it’s not a good deal.

God has been so good at providing what we need and even things we want. I don’t have to worry if I miss out on a bargain. Overall, we’re not missing out on anything!

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  1. Ame

    someone i knew would say a better ‘sale’ is not buying it at all – you save more money that way 🙂

  2. Janet

    I love this post! God has been reminding me of this more and more lately. I get scared, but I’m learning to trust and see what great things God will do! Here is an excellent quote by Tony Evans, “Remain grateful to God. Like Jesus with the loaves and fish – thank Him for what He has given to you. Then watch Him do a miracle in your life.”

    Ame, my grandpa used to say, “You save more if you don’t buy it!”:)

  3. Lisa

    I know exactly what you mean. I saw the same Amazon deal, but had to pass it up. I rejoice in knowing I can trust my Father to provide in His time. He always amazes me with His provision. But it’s still a disappointment sometimes when I have to pass up a deal.

  4. Eunice

    That was a good deal !! I was looking for one because I wanted to make artisan bread on it , so I went and bought one at a store new , looked at the thrift shops here bet there were none !! Crumb ! But you are so right , so many times we spend or buy because it is a good deal , in all reality if we really dont need it then it is not a deal !! You have a wonderful attitude about it all , I pray that God will continue to bless you & your family much ! You are a blessing !

  5. Tracy

    Thanks for sharing. I needed to hear that right now.

  6. Judith

    Thanks for the reminder. Everything in our culture (and in our sin nature) feeds our greed. It’s hard to ask myself if an item is a need or a want – and it’s hard to honestly answer myself. I need God’s grace to fight my greed, which I often can “justify” as good stewardship. Thanks again!


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