School Update

by adustyframe ~ February 7th, 2011

I’m behind on updating you on school. We’re continuing to study Civil War for history. It’s been really enjoyable for me and for James.

Here’s what we’re doing right now–

1. Copywork–Gettysburg Address–James is almost done with this but he’s still memorizing it. We don’t memorize copywork usually, but I felt memorizing this was a must.

2. Civil War reading–The Long Road to Gettysburg. This is really interesting. It shares from the journal of a Union Soldier and a Confederate Soldier and includes lots of maps and photos.  We’re also reading  Gallant Christian Soldier Robert E Lee.

We’re also reading Caught in the Rebel Camp–another book by Dave & Neta Jackson. It’s about a boy who lives with Frederick Douglass (former slave). James really enjoys this series.

We’re learning Dixie Land for our folk song and The Battle Hymn of the Republic for our hymn.

Today, we listened to a Rebel yell recorded in 1935 during a radio interview with a 90 year old Confederate soldier. It didn’t sound like I thought it would. I imagine 15,000 people yelling like this would be enough to startle anyone though.

3. Math–he just got to dividing with remainders.  He’s been having a little difficulty remembering multiplication facts. I heard of a fun game that we tried. I got out the flash cards and for every card he got wrong, he had to wash a dish. Interestingly enough, he only had to wash 8 dishes….hmmmmm!

4.Latin--we’re moving slowly through Prima Latina. I don’t have any reason to rush. We take about 2-3 weeks do finish 1 lesson.

5. English–He’s almost done with English for the Thoughtful Child book 1. He’s very resistant to composing stories or essays. I think much of it is that he just doesn’t want to do all that writing.  Last week, he had to put a story he read in the book into his own words and write it out. I told him to write it for Dad to look at and that seemed to be the motivation he needed. He wrote a very nice narration and I was pleased that the “dad trick” worked!

6. Books--We’re finishing up The Long Winter….brrrr….wrong time of year to read that! We’re still working on Sing Down The Moon, and The Wheel on the School. We seem to be very slow literature readers, but it works for us. I’ve just had to realize we simply won’t get every book on the list read each year!

7. Science–Apologia Anatomy & Physiology–I really enjoy using these books for school. We’re learning about blood right now.Today, we made a blood model with corn syrup, red hots, a white bead, and sprinkles. We both learned a lot–for example–red blood cells don’t have a nucleus or mitochondria (energy makers) so they can’t repair themselves.

That’s about it for the update. Once in awhile, Lee is the teacher. Since he’s unemployed and hangs around most of the time he offered to help when I have a lot of work to do for my online selling. It’s worked out well–although I had to learn to give up control!


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  1. MamaHen

    I am doing Apologia Anatomy with my 5th and 4th grader. I love it. I cannot recommend this series enough.

    We are slow literature readers around here also. But that’s okay, its what works for us!

  2. Lisa

    Sounds good. I miss homeschool. On a happier note, our “time” is almost done and he’ll be back with us soon. Thanks for your prayers.

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