Nature Journal

by adustyframe ~ February 18th, 2011

We’ve worked in our nature journals since before James started school. It’s fun to look back and remember the things we observed.

I will admit that we are not as faithful as we should be and I’m trying to do better. It’s not that we don’t have tons of opportunities and ideas! It’s just that I’m lazy–there I said it!

I found a book at the library that I tried. I cannot draw worth a hoot! I’m so bad. I’m so bad in fact that a friend of mine in college used to ask me to draw something for her because she needed a good laugh.

I tried a daffodil and look!


I am so proud of it that I cut it out and glued it in my nature journal. Last fall, I dug up my daffodils and planted them all around the house so that’s my justification for putting them in the journal!


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  1. Pam

    That is spectacular……the only flower I can draw is a one dimensional tulip!!!

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