Weld Test

by adustyframe ~ February 22nd, 2011


Lee said he feels the weld test went well.

He knew all the things he was asked to do. He had to read blueprints and assemble some parts.

He said that his booth didn’t have a square (not 100% sure what that is) so he went to the man administering the test and asked for one. I said, “Hey! That can’t be bad. You showed him that you knew what you were doing by asking for the correct tool!”

The guy told him that his worked looked good as Lee left but of course that man isn’t doing the hiring!

I guess we just wait right now.

This job pays really really well! We’d love for Lee to get it but we know God has something out there!

Thank you so much for praying.


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  1. Janet

    God has the perfect job waiting for him! So glad the test went well.

  2. Jypsea

    I hope he gets it.

  3. Pam

    Thanks for the update……can’t wait to hear the positive results!!

  4. Lona

    Please, Lord…

    BTW, Lizzie, your print is so small! I always have to make it bigger to even read your blog. Does anyone else have this trouble? I can do it, but I’d hate for people to stop reading because it was hard…

    Lona, can you try going to your view tab and enlarge the text size? My friend said the same thing and said it was her computer. I don’t use tiny type so I don’t know why it looks so small;0!

  5. Esther Haggstrom

    Glad the test went well. I agree with you. (Asking for the correct tool should be a plus not a minus.)
    Lona, I set my text size to 125% and always can read okay now.

  6. Lisa

    Praying!! FYI– PO is on the side of my son doing homeschool!!! I was totally stunned! I’ll let you know….

    Wow~ That’s wonderful:) How are you doing so far?

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