Hamlet~A Tragedy~James’s Narration

by adustyframe ~ February 24th, 2011

We read Shakespeare in our homeschool. Sometimes I forget to keep up with it. We’re behind where we should be but then I think about the fact that I only had to read 1 Shakespeare play in my entire education.

I figure he’s way ahead of where I ever was so I don’t worry about it so much. I enjoy reading the stories and getting familiar with the plays. It’s fun to see all the things in the plays that we use in our everyday speech.

We read Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare and Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare as well as a goofy cartoon book I found at the thrift store. We also try to watch one version on youtube from Shakespeare Animated Tales. We get in several versions of the same play and end up being sort of familiar with it!

Here is James’ narration of Hamlet from yesterday. He dictates it to me and I write it down.

Hamlet’s father was the king and his brother killed him. He wanted to be the king.

He married the dead king’s wife. Then the king’s ghost came back and told them that Claudius did it.

Hamlet was upset. He wanted to kill the king. He pretended that he was crazy.

Ophelia is Hamlet’s girlfriend. He pretended to not like her. Polonius is Ophelia’s dad–and Laertes.

Polonius was hiding behind the curtain trying to listen to Hamlet. Hamlet thought it was the king and he killed him.

Ophelia was crazy because Hamlet was sent away and her dad died. She fell into the pond and died.

Hamlet and Laertes had a fencing match. Hamlet had a regular sword and Laertes had a sharpened sword with poison on it.

The king had a cup of poison in case Laertes didn’t kill Hamlet in the fencing match. He would die that way.

The queen drank the poison and then she died.

Hamlet got cut in the fencing match. He picked up Laertes sword and slashed him with it. They both died.

Hamlet cut the king with the poison sword and then they all died.

I think this is called a tragedy because people got killed.


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  1. Lisa

    Way to go James!! Excellent!!
    I remember doing Plutarch the first time and my daughter said “it took all that to say he’s stuck up?” lol…..

  2. Pam

    Wow ….. You nailed it James!!!! Maybe you’ll grow up to be a film critic or a book reviewer.

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