Works of God~Share a Blessing

by adustyframe ~ March 14th, 2011


We are running really late today so I’m going to have to come back and add to this:). I’d love to hear any of your blessings this week though!

1. Our “new” used dryer died 2 weeks into the 30 day warranty. So they replaced it with one with a 90 day warranty! I’m so thankful that it died before the warranty ended!!

(I’ll be back…)

Back—waaaaaaaaaaaaaay later!

2. The counselor we’re seeing decided to see us for free since Lee is unemployed.

3.I had enough money from the tax return to pay the bills this month! Thank you, Lord!


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  1. Barbara H.

    That’s great — so much better than if it broke just after!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    I spent the afternoon yesterday with my oldest daughter and her four beautiful children. It has been along time since we were all together. I am so thankful.

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