Works Of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ March 20th, 2011


I have a really REALLY cool works of God to share, but I have to wait for my friend to type the story up so I can share it with you. (hint, hint…)

I’m so thankful that God continues to meet our needs.

Thank you for those who pray for us. I haven’t felt the panic about finances like I did the last time Lee was unemployed, but I have to be honest that lately it’s trying to come back in my heart.

We only have so much money and it’s dwindling, but I know if God has taken care of us in the past He will again so I’m praying that I will continue to trust.

I’m thankful that spring seems to be trying to arrive. I see some of my daffodils popping up.

I’m thankful that my son has good friends to spend time with.

What about you?


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  1. Pam

    This blessing came to friends of ours….. They have 4 children and lost a little girl when she was about ten months old……their 12 year old daughter is very disabled…..almost blind….feeding tube….wheelchair…etc… was their 15 year old sons birthday and he chose Olive Garden for his birthday dinner… would be expensive for the six of them… has been out of work for almost three years……but they went…..shortly after they ordered the waitress came over and said someone in the rest. Wanted to pay $75 toward their meal…….someone paid it forward at Starbucks for him the day before so he multiplied it and blessed their family….Praise God

    Wow! That is so awesome!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    We had a beautiful spring day here on Friday. Now today it is snowing! God is good, all the time!

    My husband was unemployed for 14 months. He started back to work in February, but he is not getting paid. He bought an existing store, and until he gets more business, all he has been able to do is pay the bills at that store. I have been praying that somehow we would be able to keep up with our bills here and still have a little money to buy my girls some things they needed for spring. We have been able to keep up with our bills. A relative sent us a check last week to use for “any extras you have been putting off.” I was able to take my girls shopping to get a few new spring things and some fabric to make dresses for Easter.

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