Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday~Clothes

by adustyframe ~ March 21st, 2011

Tellin the truth Tuesday

Today, I thought I’d talk about clothes with you!

Last summer, when I finally lost enough weight to get rid of my first round of clothing, I was shocked to discover that it was emotionally difficult for me to get rid of them.

I don’t know why. I couldn’t explain it then and I still can’t. Maybe it’s because I had to look so hard to find nice clothes that fit and looked decent. I don’t know why but it was hard!

As I lost weight, it was easier and easier to get rid of the things that were too big. Actually, I’ve had to ask Lee to help me see when things are too big and start looking sloppy. He’s pretty honest about that.

I don’t think I was attached to the replacement clothes, because I didn’t have them long and I didn’t have to look for them so hard. There’s something about moving down to smaller clothes that is pretty exciting.

I’m so blessed to have a thrift store nearby that has a $1 section. I’ve found tons of nice things there or in other thrifts on 1/2 price days. I had to stop buying size XL because I have more than enough. I’ve started picking up some size L if they’re in the $1 side.

Last week, I tried on the size L I brought home and they all fit except for the things from Gap—way too small!

I did a happy dance and showed off to Lee. You may think that wearing a size L is nothing to get excited about but believe me it is!

Pretty soon, I won’t be eligible to shop at plus size stores and I can’t wait!

I have a stack of clothing on the closet shelf. I try pieces on now and then and peek in the mirror. I usually do this on Sunday afternoon just because I’m not in a hurry. Last Sunday, several pieces were way closer to fitting than they have been before. So exciting!!

I told Lee he better get a high paying job because I’ve seen some CUTE clothes that I may be tempted to buy when I get smaller!

I’ve been wearing my jewelry more often. A ring Lee gave me when we were dating fits me again!

I also bought some heels for the summer–at the $1 thrift. I haven’t worn heels in YEARS but I feel much more balanced and less likely to fall over in them–lol!

It’s fun feeling like my body isn’t my enemy anymore.


9 Thoughts Shared to Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday~Clothes

  1. Barbara H.

    How exciting! Great work!

  2. MamaHen

    That’s awesome Lizzie!

  3. carol

    Fantastic, Lizzie! Keep it up! I love the excitement I “hear” in this message form you.

  4. carol

    “from” you, of course

  5. Sally Martin

    Thats really wonderful. You have really worked hard and it is paying off. So glad you have good thrift stores near by also.

  6. Jen

    I’m so proud of you. I only wish you’d post pictures so we could see too! but I understand the secrecy!

  7. Revka

    I love your updates, Lizzie. They’re so encouraging, and I am so happy for you that your weight loss is continuing to go well.

  8. Janet

    I’m very proud of you, Lizzie! You have a right to be excited about a smaller size.:)

  9. Senkyoushi

    That’s so exciting!! Keep up the good work!!

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