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by adustyframe ~ March 22nd, 2011

Ok, in the post about clothes, I forgot to add this. I still get a kick out of picking up my laundry and realizing it’s little. It’s not heavy!

I also am not used to looking at a small piece of clothing at the thrift store and realizing it’s my size. (Even though my size is L not S..I’m speaking generally compared to before.)

The other weird thing is that smaller sizes don’t cover you up as much as larger sizes do. I’m not talking about being immodest. It’s just that shirts are shorter and less “tenty” and pants are lower in the waist. This takes some getting used to!

In other news, Lee has an interview for a temp job tomorrow. I think it’s just a few days but at this point that’s better than nothing!

I’m getting lots of comments about how close to the end we are–Lee’s probation.

Well, I’m just not ready to get excited yet. I was thinking about posting how I feel, but I don’t even know yet. We’re still in survival mode for now and I think I have to stay there.

We’ve had so many let downs that I just can’t believe we really almost done. I’m pretty much expecting some sort of “excitement” before they release him. I hope not, but I guess I’d rather expect it than get my hopes up that we’re home free!

The other question I’m being asked a lot if, “Do you feel better after losing all this weight?”

Well, yes, I do. But I think it’s a big combination of losing weight AND our stress lessening.

I think the lessening stress helped me lose weight so it all goes hand in hand.

Of course I feel good about losing weight–definitely! But I still have neck problems and I still feel worn out and have aches and pains. Actually, my chiropractor told me if I went to be diagnosed for fibromyalgia I would have it.  I just haven’t gone because at this point, I wouldn’t do anything differently.

My aches and pains and weaknesses just mean I have to take it easy sometimes and know my limits. So that part has not changed since losing weight.I still don’t sleep well either. I just notice that I don’t feel so self-conscious and I feel like my body and I are mostly friends.

So, how’s that for a random update?


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  1. k

    It’s funny, I’ve been reading you for so long and when you started posting details about your weight loss journey (which is so great, congratulations) I realized that my mental picture of you was always thin. You have a thin “voice” ;o)
    As always, wishing you and your boys the best

  2. Lisa

    “I think I have to stay there.” Oh yes. The real tests for both of you are yet to come. Man am I learning that. And, so too, is my Sunday School classmate whose husband in in “our” situation for the 3rd time……I will be praying for you guys daily when he is finally done [I pray a lot now, don’t worry!]

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