Garden Notebook

by adustyframe ~ March 23rd, 2011

Last summer, I wanted to organize all my garden notes. I usually draw a primitive sketch of where everything is in the garden as I plant.

I often come across pretty garden ideas, or info on plants and end up with tons of papers everywhere. Then I can’t find what I want when I need it.

I decided to use some of my supplies and made this garden book.

garden book

So far, I’ve added info on saving seeds–which I did for the first time last year. I wrote down the “ingredients” of this beautiful pot so I can remember when it’s time to get flowers again.

garden web

garden web 1


I made it over several summer afternoons while James and his friends played outside. I sat at the patio table in my old metal chairs and had fun!

garden book 4

garden book 2

garden book 3

A plain old notebook would have worked, but this is more fun.

If you’re looking for the marquis letters, I have them in my Etsy shop. They’re leftover from my store. You have to drill holes along the side (not too close to the edge) for the rings to go through.


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  1. Bitterroot Mama

    This is really neat. I was thinking about how to organize my own garden things. This is much more fun than writing down stuff on the calendar.

  2. lynn

    This is really adorable. I love the blue jeans pocket 🙂 My husband keeps track of gardening info in small plain notebooks, but this is so much cuter.

  3. celina

    you know the grief etsy gives me as a cnd..

    how many Js do you have? Bs, an A?(2?) how many Cs, an M?

    email me pls..we’ll make a deal…ill go peak on etsy and see if anything else i’d like!

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