Suzie Homemaker

by adustyframe ~ March 24th, 2011

Making our house a home has always been important to me. While Lee was gone, I just couldn’t do so many things.

I’d see ideas or recipes and I simply could not pull myself together to do it.

In my defense, for much of it I was operating a brick and mortar store, homeschooling my son, selling online, and carrying all the work.

I was talking with someone once and they said to me, “Well how hard is it to just “xyz”?” I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say really.

The thing is that it WAS hard to do “xyz” and even though it bothered me that I didn’t do lots of homemaking things, I couldn’t get them done.

Sometimes we ate food that wasn’t the 100% best choice for us. Lots of times we ate on the couch (GASP horrors!). I was pulled in so many directions and spread so thinly that doing one more thing no matter how easy it was just wasn’t possible.

I thought about this  lately. I’ve been able to do more of these Suzie Homemaker things lately. Lee’s around and he helps with some of the housework and all of the car and snow stuff. The biggest contribution is that he channels the energy of a little boy. I am not 24/7 parent, 24/7 worker, 24/7 homemaker, 24/7 keep us all together anymore.

What a relief.

I guess the point of this post is to share with you this. If you know someone who’s suffering, or you know a single mom, please don’t say things to them to point out how easy it would be to do “xyz”. Don’t wonder why they just don’t do whatever it is you think they should be doing.

You just really won’t know unless you’re ever in that type of situation. Sometimes the best of intentions aren’t enough to make you homemaker of the year.

Sometimes keeping your family all in one piece is more important than how graceful the table is or what you made from scratch.


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  1. Pam

    Oh do I ever know what you mean!!! I was a single working
    Mom for 17 years (from the time my daughter was ten
    years old until she was 27)….more than Full Time
    15 years ago I was blessed to remarry and quit my job
    AND people had the nerve to ask me how I spent my days!!!!
    Well I provided child care to my 2 preschool aged grandchildren
    My daughter is a special Ed teacher….. I volunteer AND
    Help my aging parents…..some people think if you
    don’t have a full time job you just waste your days. !
    Gerrr! Thanks for letting me vent… God Bless you Lizzie

  2. Lisa

    As my doctor told me in my summer-from-you-know-where, people are HOSPITALIZED for far less than you just lived thru!! People who care that you coudn’t do xyz need to spend a few miles in your shoes. God didn’t make us to be perfect. (hug)

  3. Barbara H.

    That’s true sometimes even when one is married — there are those times in life when pressures in some form or another crowd in and one is doing good just to survive, much less anything else. Sometimes some things just have to go. I always get a little miffed at the word “just” in that context — “Just do this…”

  4. Ame

    gosh, this describes me this week … coming off three weeks of the stomach virus in my home … dealing w/divorce issues (which suck the life out of me and more) … dealing w/new, additional diagnosis for my special needs daughter … and just keeping up with life. i’m wiped out. i was just thinking how much of a ‘mountain’ it is to simply come up with ideas for and prepare meals.

  5. Janet

    What a wonderful post, Lizzie. I am so discouraged that I cannot do all those things I want to do–especially gardening, trying more recipes, or even couponing more. But the truth is I’m overwhelmed much of the time. I have much to be thankful for and don’t have it as hard as many single moms, but it’s still such a struggle for me to do it all. You seem to say exactly what I cannot put into words.

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