by adustyframe ~ March 27th, 2011

“Discontent, though few appear to realize it, is sinful, a grievous offense against the Most High.

It is an impugning of His wisdom, a denial of His goodness, a rising up of my will against His.

To murmur at our lot is to take issue with God’s sovereignty, quarreling as it does with His providence,

and therefore is being guilty of high treason against the King of the universe.

Since God orders all circumstances of human life, then every person ought to be entirely satisfied with the state and situation in which he is placed.”

AW Pink


4 Thoughts Shared to Discontent

  1. Pam

    Amen Lizzie…..AMEN!!!!! Thanks for the reminder

  2. Lisa

    That’s really a tough one for those of us who became Christians as an adult. Bad habits are hard to shake. Nice post.

  3. Janet

    So very convicting, Lizzie. Thank you!

  4. Susanna

    owch….and tough for those who were converted younger as well…unless i am just a very discontented person. Was just thinking about this today- thank you- i need to remember it is not some little sin but something that is offensive to God and which does influence many areas of life. xx

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