That’s Not Your Job

by adustyframe ~ March 28th, 2011

Last week, I asked Lee if he checked the oil in our old car. It’s been leaking oil and we figure it should be fine as long as we keep checking the oil levels.

Then I said, “And when was the last time you checked the transmission fluid?”

He said, “Hey. I took care of it. You don’t need to worry about. That’s not your job, it’s mine.”

I told him I wasn’t worried about it. I was just asking!

But today, I thought about it and it almost made me cry. What a relief to have someone looking out for ME. Someone remembering to do things to take care of me and what needs to be done.

I’ve had to remember everything, DO everything, schedule everything, check everything for so long. Even if I’m not worried or fretting about these things, they buzz around my head or have to be written on a to do list. Even if I’m not always thinking about it, they are a burden added to all the other burdens.

Part of adjusting is going to be remembering how to be a wife and remembering not to remember everything and letting him do his job.

I am more than ready to give up these jobs–I just have to remember that I’m supposed to forget about them!


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  1. Tanya

    I know the feeling,my husband only had to do 4 months in county about 10 years ago.But there have been several months long business trips since then,so the feeling is just now(after 4 years of no trips)starting to wear off.It feels so good to have him living home full time,instead of going off to this place or that for work.Enjoy the “remembering to forget”,lol 😀

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    What a blessing Lizzie! Thank you for sharing this information. We should all be rejoicing with you. After all, didn’t we pray for this very thing? To have Lee home and you guys being “normal” again. 🙂

  3. Ame

    🙂 !

  4. Janet

    Lizzie, you always manage to put into words how I feel. I do have a sweetheart who helps me financially and loves me, but he’s in another state and I have to still do everything, remember everything, etc. I’m so glad it’s not your job anymore!:)

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