by adustyframe ~ March 29th, 2011

We’ve been learing Latin for awhile in our homeschool. I intended to teach James Spanish but he didn’t like it at all. I always wanted to learn Spanish so I thought I’d learn while teaching him.

After awhile, James said, “Can we just learn Latin?” I can’t imagine what my face looked like when he said that. I imagine I was quite shocked.

I can’t really refuse to teach the boy Latin if he asks for it right?

We tried Getting Started with Latin and it was great at first. It moved very quickly though and James didn’t know enough grammar or English rules to understand what the text was asking him to do.

I switched to Prima Latina and we’ve been working through it slowly for about a year.

I enjoy learning Latin along with James. It’s so true that much of our language is from Latin. It’s interesting to see so many things that I already know as we study–just because it’s so much a part of our language.

Prima Latina teaches prayers, counting, practical Latin phrases as well as vocabulary and parts of speech.

I enjoy hearing bits of Latin creep into our day. Here are a few examples:

One of the things we learned before the first prayer was “Oremus” which means “Let us pray.” James spent an afternoon with his grandparents and came home with this story.

“Hey mom, they were watching the news and the pope said ‘Oremus’ and I told Grandma and Grandpa that means let us pray. They didn’t believe I knew that.”

The other day, we watched Jeopardy (one of our favorite things to do with Lee). The answer was Veni Vidi Vici and James hollered, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” We cheered a lot for him getting a Jeopardy question right. Of course my homeschool momma heart was bursting!

When we were reviewing the practical Latin phrases, I said a term and James told me the meaning. I said, “That refers to how many people?” He said, “unus”

OOO! Nice touch for answering in Latin!

Our phrase this lesson is Nunc aut Numquam–It’s now or never. And then that old song runs through my head and I belt out, “It’s Nunc aut Numquam” and James rolls his eyes and says I’m crazy. I looked up the song on youtube the other day and discovered it was sung by Elvis. Hmmm….see the things you learn while homeschooling?

I didn’t plan to teach Latin. Actually, when I read that Latin was suggested in most Charlotte Mason plans, I put my foot down and rolled my own eyes. No way!

I’ve enjoyed being wrong about that. I’m also enjoying watching my son learn Latin as I learn right along with him.

Here are some Latin phrases you should know.


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  1. Lisa

    My kids still do that! When they hear something we learned all those years ago now.

    He might enjoy Minimus–you can get the teacher book free online somewhere [I think the Yahoo group]. It ties Latin and Roman history and comics–it’s fun, but worth it.

    I need to box up the stuff so you have it… is a good reminder!!

  2. Melinda

    My youngest son has been wanting to study Latin. He is not old enough for me to say “go for it” and I have been putting him off while giving everyone a little taste of French (that’s what I studied in school). I’m afraid I’ll have to give in soon. Glad to know it won’t be as bad as I expect! (Ha! Ha!)

  3. Richele

    We are to start Latin next school year and I hadn’t even begun to research it so this was a good read for me.

    Thanks for sharing your Latin experience with the CM blog carnival!

  4. Nadene

    What a wonderful post! I love it that you learn along with him and discovered the Elvis connection!

    I’m encouraged to go for it when my children ask to learn something I didn’t plan for! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rachael

    I am learning Latin alongside my three oldest girls this year too. We are loving it! The girls are enjoying being able to understand some of the Latin phrases in the Asterix books!
    We’ve been using Latin Primer by Martha Wilson, just because I managed to get it secondhand at a very reasonable price. It’s working out well.

  6. Amber

    That’s great! “Can we just learn Latin?” ha! Gotta love homeschool children! 🙂

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