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by adustyframe ~ April 8th, 2011

outside the frame

This link looks interesting. I don’t’ need cloth diapers here but maybe you know someone who does. Lots of money saving ideas.

How to turn mini blinds into Roman Shades

Another faux Roman shade idea. I may use the basic idea for our funny window in our bedroom.

Dyeing eggs with silk. Interesting!

Mmmmm this sounds yummy Chicken Souvlaki Pita


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  1. Eunice

    You always find such fun things ! I really like the roman shade with the postal design ! May have to use the printout for something else !!
    Have a fun weekend !

  2. Lisa

    Hmmmm cat-proofing mini blings, I mean making them into Roman Shades. Not bad. The chicken thing DOES sound good!

  3. Lisa

    One more thought–Greek Seasoning Recipe [since I’ve never seen the one they show]

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