Works of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ April 11th, 2011


What blessings are you counting this week?

We have a few.

1. Spring is trying to show up here! My daffodils that I dug up and replanted are coming up along the side of the house in my little garden.

2. Lee has a job interview this morning–a math test–you can pray for him! He also had one last Thursday for an entry level job at a trucking company. Not driving truck yet, but he feels like it would be a good opportunity. He also has a chance at a temp job roofing this week.

What about you?


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  1. celina

    FINALLY some spring weather…(now someone push me out the door…sigh) anyhow..and that my exision (took off a “mole” on my arm) on friday..seems to be scar tissue and nothing else..testing will confirm!!!!!!

  2. Sally Martin

    You know I love the works of God poat. God is doing things for us each day. WHY are we slow to share.
    1. He kept me safe traveling out of state last week.
    2. He provided dividends that will cover the cost of car repairs witout taking a loan.
    3. Spring has arrived.
    4. He loves me!!!

  3. Sally Martin

    I meant post.

  4. Barbara H.

    Hope the interview went well. My son was called in for a third interview with one co. — not the job he was most wanting, but he’ll take it if it comes through.

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