Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ April 12th, 2011

Tellin the truth Tuesday

Hello! How is my healthy stuff going? Pretty good I’d say.

*I’m still following my plan as well as doing a new exercise routine called T Tapp. It’s really changed my body and I’m happy about that.

It’s one of those things that you look at and scratch your head. It doesn’t look like you’re doing anything.

Well, what makes it work is that you have to follow it exactly and hold your body in a certain way while you exercise. It is definitely a work out. Lots of my muscles have tightened up so I’m going to stick with it!

* I figured out my “spaghetti”. I tried using a veggie peeler on a zucchini to make “noodles” but they were just too big. So now, I just grate the zucchini on a cheese grater and cook them for a few minutes. MMM!

* I wore a size 12/14 gauchos yesterday!! WHOA~ Now, they were those cotton stretchy ones to be honest. However, I couldn’t wear them when I picked them up at the thrift store so it’s definitely a victory.  I’m sort of in between some sizes so it’s all weird right now but fun too!

* I’m trying to think what I’d like to do for myself when I hit my goal. I will have to save up you know, but I think that I would like to get a piece of jewelery that I can wear everyday and remind myself that I did it! I’m also going to buy some pretty yarn and knit myself a small sweater! I’ve not knit a sweater yet and I figured that it would be much cheaper to knit a smaller sweater!

*Most of the time, I’m going to bed way earlier than I used to. I’m still not having much success with waking up early! I’ll keep plugging away at that.

What about you and your goals? Do you have any baby steps to accomplish this week?



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  1. Janet

    There is a lady at our church that lost a lot of weight only doing T-Tapp. I need to try it!

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