Change of Plans

by adustyframe ~ April 14th, 2011

Over the past few years, I’ve been on a mission to decorate our bedroom. Initially, I chose red and black with cream and silver for accents.

I had a hard time finding red bedding that fit my ideas. WELL! If I had a few hundred bucks for a bed set, I could have found all kinds of pretty things.

I bought a red duvet cover at Target and figured I’d just keep looking. I already had some small silvertone frames and a few other things but nothing was really coming together.

A couple weeks ago, I was at the thrift store while James was at Tae Kwon Do. I saw a pretty brown toile set hanging in the bedding area. I wasn’t sure about it but as I looked, I discovered it was from Pottery Barn. It was a quilt and 2 shams and it was marked $10.99! I grabbed that baby and put it in my cart.


lamp 1

The instant I read the tag and saw Pottery Barn, I decided I could very easily do a brown bedroom! I’m accenting with red, cream, and silver. James painted the little shelf you can see under the lamp. I chose a pale brown. It looks great. I made a little runner for it out of the brown toile from the bathroom curtains.

The funny thing is that I redid the bathroom brown last year and I wouldn’t say I’m a “brown” person, but I am about 2 have 2 brown rooms–and we’re considering a brown counter to replace the nasty counter in the kitchen. Oh well–I think it’s turning out pretty!

I am redoing a few things and have to find a brown rug. I also would love to find a cozy chair and pretty little table and we desperately need a dresser. I also need to get the clutter out of there!

We have a built in closet at the end of the room, but it’s not covered. I’m trying to think of a way to rig curtains up there to cover it. I think that will make the room look a lot better too.

So little by little we’re making changes. I’m finding very cheap things for now because we don’t really have spending money. For example, I found a curtain and valance set at Walmart for $10. So it’s not gorgeous or luxurious or what I’d pick if I had a huge budget but it’s doing the job and looks nice!

I’m having fun since I finally have a good idea what I want the room to look like. It’s easier to be motivated with Lee home too.

It’s really fun to have an expensive bedding set. It makes the room feel special.


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  1. Joy

    I really like the bedding…and brown and red together is very pretty. Can’t wait to see pictures of the brown counter 🙂

  2. Barbara H.

    What a blessing to have such a nice bedspread! The room is coming together nicely. I love browns in a room, especially chocolate brown.

    I’d like to get a comfy chair that leans back but is not a recliner and not too big for our room, too. At our old house we had a desk in the BR, and I’d lean back in the desk chair and put my feet up on the bed sometimes for a quick “power nap” or if I wasn’t feeling well. There is no room for a desk in this one, and I’d rather have an upholstered chair than a desk chair, but we’ll see.

  3. MamaHen

    Your new spread looks so pretty. And what a steal!

  4. Janine Cate

    Love the decorating details. Here’s a suggestion for the closet. Use a shower curtain tension rod with shower curtain. You can add a liner for a nice effect. We started using shower curtains because during the remodel 17 years ago the closet doors went missing and we never replaced them. Go into any bed/bath type store and they have literally hundreds to choose from and it can be very inexpensive. For only a few dollars you can change the shower curtain and have a completely new look.

  5. Jenn

    Wow! What a deal!! I just love those kinds of deals!! We did what Janine did when we painted the kids rooms. The closet doors were original 1970 very thin flimsy wood doors. We tried repainting them but the paint chipped off almost immediately. So we bought coordinating fabric on sale at JoAnns and I made “closet curtains”. Everyone remarks how cute they are!

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