From Outside The Frame

by adustyframe ~ April 15th, 2011

outside the frame

Ooo isn’t this pretty? A ruffled shower curtain.

I was trying to decide if this would work in our bedroom. I don’t think it will because our room is so small but it’s pretty. Easy bed canopy.

An easy cheap idea for wall art

Cute! A Hello Kitty birthday party

Pretty push pins

A pretty T shirt bag

Tons of great links on this post–crafts, recipes, etc. They have a photo so you can see which ones you’d like to click on

Budget friendly meals

Teacher appreciation idea–a free printable that says, “Thanks a Latte”

Do you do a favorite links post on your blog? If so let me know when you do. I like seeing what everyone else found!


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  1. Lisa

    Budget-friendly meals and “tons…” were useful–thanks. You inspired me to put my own post about good links up today, too! Here’s the link:

  2. Janet

    I love all the great links at Blue Cricket design. It’s gonna take me a while to work through them.:)

    Thanks for the budget friendly meals. I need that!!

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