Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ April 19th, 2011

Tellin the truth Tuesday

Nothing new and exciting here. I’m just still plugging away.

I’ve been working on getting my brain in order before I reach my goal. I’m learning lots of little tricks and practicing them.

I have a card where I can see it that says, “I want to lose weight more than I want to eat that food.” It works!

I’m still doing TTapp–every other day right now for a couple more weeks, then I’ll do a workout that’s a bit harder.

We figured out part of our sleep issues. The kitty had picked at the blinds and a couple slats were missing–a street light shined right in our eyes while we were sleeping. We put up a new shade and immediately realized that’s why we couldn’t sleep! It’s so nice and dark now.

Today, I tried lemonade made with lemon juice, stevia, and water. MMMM! Very yummy.

What about you? Any health goals or progress to share?


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  1. Janet

    Limeade is delicious with stevia, too!

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