Catching Up

by adustyframe ~ April 27th, 2011

I’ve been trying to catch up these past few days.

I had a big photo shoot that HAD to be edited before I could do things like blog. I also had a photo letter order so I was trying to get things done.

I’ve also been trying to get back into Flylady. I got our bedroom cleaned up nicely and the bathroom. This week is the living room and I haven’t even started yet!

Speaking of our bedroom–we found a closet rod that Lee hung across the room and I hung pretty brown panels from Walmart on it. This covers our closet quite nicely. We couldn’t find a tension rod long enough–it had to go just over 7 feet. Anyway, the panels look wrinkled and have big grommets that slide on the rod. It’s very nice and makes me feel good to get the closet out of sight.

We also found a solid wood antique dresser at the thrift store for $35.00. They usually put really high prices on dressers and most of the time drawers are stuck or don’t slide nicely. It’s very plain and I will probably do something to spruce it up later. For now, I just used some dark red paint I already had and brushed it on lightly with a dry brush. It was just enough to update it a bit and make it complement the decor.

So, if I can find a cheap cozy chair I’m just about done in our bedroom. I spent VERY little too and that’s exciting.

Another thing I’m trying to do is make meals or things for the freezer more often. Last week, I made pizza crust to freeze. I haven’t made anything this week. I was thinking of making biscuits or some other sort of doughs and freezing it but I haven’t got around to it yet!

James is sick today. He started getting sick before bed last night. Just a cold but he feels pretty yucky.

Other than that, I guess there’s not anything else to tell ya!

Thanks for being patient with me while I get caught up. I do have 2 reviews for later this week so I better get cracking on those!


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  1. Lisa

    For freezer meals: My family likes a lot of their recipes, but I usually have to double the spices. [If you think Taco Bell is “burn your mouth” hot you won’t need to!!!!]
    Bedroom sounds nice!

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