TOS Homeschool Crew Review~Curiosity Files Dungbeetle

by adustyframe ~ April 28th, 2011


I applied for The Old Schoolhouse Crew to help review homeschool items. They sent me a copy of The Curiostiy Files to review as the next step in my application.

As a homeschool mom, looking at new curriculum and helps for our school is ALWAYS a good time. I’m sort of a geek like that. (Can I get an “amen” from any other homeschool moms?)

The Old Schoolhouse offers several Curiosity Files to teach topics in a fun way.

The Curiosity File I received is about dung beetles. James thinks that is cool and we’re planning to read more and follow this unit soon. We looked at several parts of the file together and it sparked several questions. I think it’s already served it’s purpose!

The file states that this is “explorations with Professor Ana Lyze, Expert in Outlandish Oddities!

The dung beetle Curiosity File contains 78 pages with the following items included:

* Fact

*Quizzes/worksheets about the facts

*Discussion questions


*Copywork–print and cursive

*Experiments & observation sheets

*Book suggestions

*Math activities

*Writing activities

*Decorated lined pages for copywork and essays

*Spelling & vocabulary–including lists for Jr. High students

*Word search and crossword puzzles


*Instructions for science projects

*Internet links to further information

*Crafts & even a recipe (oh my!)

*Coloring Sheet

*Pattern and info snippets to create a file in which to store your Curiosity File


*Answer Keys

*Tips for further learning on the subject

I was impressed with the thorough information contained in this file. We won’t do everything but there is certainly plenty of information and projects to keep your curious children busy for a long while.

If you’re interested in this Curiosity File or any of the other files that The Old Schoolhouse offers, check out this link.

They are offered in e-book form or on CD. They are 6.95 each but they also offer a discount on the entire bundle–and it looks like a few of them are on sale right now!

After looking through this resource and paying attention to everything included, I’d say that they are definitely worth the price. Why do all the work finding all the links and information if someone else has done it so nicely?

My time is definitely worth the price for these units! It comes with everything you need other than a computer and a printer.

The Curiosity Files are written for children age 8-13. I think you can tailor a lot of it for younger children especially if it’s about a topic they’re interested in.

Choose your favorite Curiosity File at The Old Schoolhouse Store and get started today!

**I received a complimentary copy of this Curiosity File for review purposes**


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  1. Karen

    Good review. I hope you make the crew. I would love to read more of your reviews in the future.

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