You Think?

by adustyframe ~ April 29th, 2011

Lee and I have been seeing a counselor together for the past several months. This is part of the counseling I had to take (per the PO’s “request”) a couple years ago.

Actually it’s been good. He helps us work through issues while we get used to living together again. He’s equal opportunity though. He tells me when he doesn’t like something I do at home too!

A couple weeks ago he said, “I’ve worked with a lot of people over the past 50 years and I want to tell you you both have excellent minds. You are very smart. You’ve been a pleasure to work with. ”

Awww… that was nice.

THEN he said, “You know every time I see you, I feel like you two are comfortable with each other and enjoy each other.”


Why in the world were we trying to be a family and endlessly fighting against the decisions made about our family? Because I couldn’t stand him?

Phew makes me shake my head sometimes!


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  1. Char

    I’m thinking that he probably sees a lot of relationships where both parties aren’t as committed as you and Lee are — must be a breath of fresh air for him. I would take his comment as a high compliment — even though it probably seems very obvious to you both already:)

  2. Susanna

    sorry but I am kind of laughing in an ironic way- yep, we just went through the past x numbers of years of pain etc because we don’t want to be together…D’uurrr!

  3. Lisa

    Think about the messed up Jerry Springer-ish stuff the guy deals with day-in and day-out and take it for the compliment he meant it as! lol…….shaking my head with you!

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