by adustyframe ~ May 5th, 2011

I didn’t get to post blessings on Monday so here are a few.

If you have some please share too!

1. My friend gave me a roll top desk. I’ve wanted one since I was 6! I haven’t even filled up all the cubbies yet, but I love it!

2. Lee’s job–he gets to go to work everyday and I can start paying some bills again! Woo hoo.

3. We’ve almost survived this…a few more days. We don’t “countdown” officially. Lee said that’s the golden rule of “doing time”–you do not countdown. But I’m counting down in my mind!

4. Spring is thinking about arriving here? Not sure some days but I’ve enjoyed seeing my daffodils and grape hyacinths blooming!

5. Help from my wonderful blog designer Revka at Berries and Cream–remember if I disappear again it’s just that we’re working on the hosting issues…

What about you?


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  1. Robin in New Jersey

    1. Sunshine
    2. Spring flowers
    3. Eating lunch on the deck
    4. Hanging out laundry
    5. girls giggles

    So excited that your time is almost up!

  2. Ashley

    This post made me smile so big for you!!! I am so happy to hear that you’re close to the end of his probation! And that he’s working every day!

  3. Sally Martin

    1.I started on insulin on April 29. We are still adjusting the other diabetes meds. (So have had a few lows but better than high 200’s or low 300’s.)
    2. Tonight my neighbor lady (Patty) is treating me to a night at the opera house in the next town to hear Lorie Line piano music. Wish you could come with Lizzie!!!
    3. This afternoon two young married gals from our church are coming to hang out and knit. I taught them how to knit. One has a 2 month old. (Cutie)
    4. The mercy of God new to me each day.
    5. Your, Lee’s, and Jame’s friendship even though to many miles now seperate us. (HUGS for all of you!!!)

  4. Lisa

    Glad you’re seeing the end of “it all”–pray that “it all” doesn’t return for us with summer boredom looming……So happy you’ll be really married, really a family as in under one roof and with NO “Big Brother” over your shoulder!!

  5. Barbara H.

    I wanted a roll-top desk for years, too! So neat that this part of your journey is coming to a close soon.

  6. celina

    so many blessings, congrats to all of you..

    yeah on the rolltop desk..did i miss the job announcement, many many congrats on that..

    1. law suit settled, and i didnt have to “testify” and insurance is paying them , not us..

    2. sweet baby boy makes me smile like nothing else

    3. my cardinals nesting in my yard…still trying to get a pic..they are skittish

    4. my beautiful 10 yr old daughter…and me not losing my mind over her getting a year older but rather enjoying her graceful beauty

    5. my nearly 8 yr old boy , and remembering how much he’s grown in the last year

    6. SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Janet

    Praise the Lord for His blessings, especially the blessing of the job!

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