Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ May 17th, 2011

What truth to tell you today?

Hmm…..I’m still doing my TTapp. I told a friend that it’s nice to be at a point where exercise makes a difference. In the past, I did it because I was supposed to but I really didn’t see any results. NOW when I tone and exercise, I can see and feel a difference. MUCH more motivating!

I don’t think I’ve really tried any new recipes lately. Maybe I will soon. I’ll try to post them if I do.

I thought about a few things that I don’t do anymore.

1. I don’t scope out the room to see where the best route is. I didn’t want to get stuck anywhere or have to squeeze by people and brush into them. (sad!) I can pretty much move around freely without having to think about my size.

2. I don’t mind if cars park “too close” to me in the parking lot.

3. I don’t have to think twice about taking a walk. It’s no big deal.

4. I don’t walk around with my stomach sucked in all the time. It’s not that I don’t still have a stomach–I did have a C-section so I’m afraid I will always have one! I just didn’t want my gut hanging out before and it probably didn’t make any sort of difference, but I felt I had to suck it in all the time. (I know it’s probably a good thing for the muscles to suck it in, but it’s so freeing to feel like I don’t have to!

My wedding ring is getting big and loose WITH the ring snuggie on! That’s pretty exciting. I don’t have to worry about losing it yet, but pretty soon I think it will be time to get it resized.

I’m hoping to hit my goal sometime this summer! I’m pretty excited and motivated.

I’ve been downplaying all the compliments and thinking it’s no big deal. Then I realized it really IS a big deal. I’ve worked very hard for a long time. I’m thankful I didn’t quit~



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  1. Char

    This is wonderful!! With Lee home and your weight loss goals being met, it just seems like things are looking up for you. I am so glad.

  2. Catherine

    Take the compliments with a “thank you” and a smile! It’s a good feeling to be complimented – you don’t want them to stop. 🙂

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