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by adustyframe ~ May 22nd, 2011

What has God done in your life lately?

I am so blessed that we made it. That is relatively speaking you know. Today at church, Pastor shook Lee’s hand and said, “So are you a free man?”

We both smiled and I thought about it. It’s so different. I’m not really sure I can even explain it to you. I’m trying to think it through and think how I can post it and have it make sense.

Lee has been so energetic this week. He used to do things and then lay on the couch and sleep–more than once a day! He hasn’t done that one time for the past several days. I was getting worried about him and then today I realized that he has a huge burden that is missing.

I asked him if that’s why he’s been awake all the time and he just smiled and said, “Yeah maybe that’s it.”

It hits us at different moments–like this morning for example.

I almost feel like I’m not sure how to be without this hanging over our heads.

So, anyway, that’s the big blessing for this week.

What about you? (Remember, blessings don’t have to be “big”.)


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  1. TransitionGirl

    HURRAY! praise God for His blessings on you and James and Lee!! 😀

    For me, the blessings is relatively simple and mandate. it’s been ridiculously hot and humid here – 34 to 36 degrees celcius with 100% humidity. Thank God for cold showers and airconditioning. realised it was a blessing when i didn’t have airconditioning for while 🙂

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    I am so happy for you! That is a huge blessing!

  3. Barbara H.

    How wonderful to be free of that burden. No wonder he feels more energetic. I don’t know if people realize how draining it is to have a burden sitting on your shoulders. I am so glad God gave you all grace to bear it and then freed you from it.

    Here’s to new beginnings!

  4. Barbara H.

    Oh — a major blessing for us is that my son found a job! I told a little about it in my Friday’s Fave Fives post.

  5. Revka

    I’m blessed by your blessing – seriously!

    I’m blessed that 4 pre-made blog designs have sold this past week. I really need to sell 10 by the end of the month, and it’s nice to see sales coming in.

  6. judy

    I am just SOOO happy for the three of you. I can only imagine the relief. Enjoy the rest of your lives together!

  7. Janet

    I’m so thankful for all God has done for your family! He has answered so many prayers.

    Thank you!

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