Red Cable Knit Purse~ OOO LAA LAA~

by adustyframe ~ May 24th, 2011

In the past when I made crafty stuff, I gave most of it away. I don’t know if I sprouted a selfish gene or what, but I keep most of my knitting! I found a purse on Etsy with a similar pattern and she said she made it up. She was also charging big bucks for it–good for her of course if someone will pay it because it WAS beautiful!

I checked out a knitting book at the library and as I was paging through it my eyes bugged out! The pattern that I loved on the purse on Etsy was right in front of my eyes!

(By pattern I mean the stitch pattern.)

So I decided to get busy knitting. This yarn is just inexpensive acrylic yarn, but it’s my favorite color red!

I knit 2 squares and seamed them together. Then I knit 3 I-cords for the handles and braided them together then tacked them to the seam of the purse. I used cheat stuff for the lining–fusible hem tape (or something like that). The only sewing I did was to attach the lining to the purse. I made up the flap/button hole by picking up stitches on the back piece and just knitting until it looked right. I faked the button hole with yarn overs and casting on stitches on the next row. IF you need to know how to do that I will try to find directions for you–otherwise I’m saving the time to type it out!

The button is one of James’ lovely cherry wood buttons! I just love this whole purse! The only problem is that I usually carry purses with handles to put in the crook of my elbow. These handle are a bit longer than I usually carry and I have to put it over my neck and across me diagonally. I may take it apart and make the handles a bit shorter–but I do so hate re-doing finished knitting!




5 Thoughts Shared to Red Cable Knit Purse~ OOO LAA LAA~

  1. Sally Martin

    Very pretty.

  2. Barbara H.

    That’s lovely!

  3. Jenn

    Turned out beautifully!

  4. Ame

    i love it … and love that color red, too.

    just tie a knot in the strap to shorten 😉

    You’re so smart!

  5. Saralyn

    So what book is it from? I want to make one, too!

    Nicki Epstein’s Knitting Block by Block–there were tons of really neat patterns:)

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