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by adustyframe ~ May 27th, 2011

I don’t really keep up with celebrities, but I saw this and thought it was interesting. Celebrities who knit

My awesome blog designer (and spam slayer) Revka offers free MP3’s of her piano music on her blog. She sent me a CD before–very pretty.

I shared a couple of my piano pieces too!

This is REALLY cute. From ugly TV stand to sweet play kitchen

How to knit a play crown–cute!

An easy tea light holder

MMMMM lots of yummy burger recipes

A site full of info on baby sign language. We did this a little when James was a baby. It’s so exciting to see them communicate when they’re so little!

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Any interesting links to share with me?



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  1. Barbara H.

    That kitchen is darling.

  2. Lisa

    hahha I keep thinking of the movie “Raising Helen”–the sister comments on celebrities who knit. Later on in the film a car pulls in and the husband tells her “Probably a celebrity coming to knit with you!” Fun movie!

  3. Revka

    I always enjoy the links you share. Thanks for sharing the link to my MP3s. I’m happy to share them with whomever would like them.

  4. Janet

    I LOVE the play kitchen! SO darling!

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