Works Of God~Share A Blessing

by adustyframe ~ May 29th, 2011


Do you have any blessings to share?

I do! We get to sneak away for one night this weekend. I can’t remember the last time we all 3 went somewhere together.

It’s just a little tiny trip and for a very short time but it’s such a huge thing that we have the freedom to just go.

What about you?


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  1. Pam

    Thrilled for you all

  2. Sally Martin

    It is a blessing to hear that you could indeed all get away together.

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    Wonderful, Lizzie!

    Yesterday, our whole family was together for our granddaughter’s third birthday. It’s the first time we have been able to celebrate her birthday with her and all five of our grandkids were there. It was so special.

    Yeah! I’m glad you had a good time!

  4. Lisa


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