Boy Funnies

by adustyframe ~ May 30th, 2011

I was looking through my journal and found some really funny things James has said. I thought I’d post them for you just because. These are from awhile ago but they still crack me up.

James said, “Mom don’t you wish you were a cat? You could lay around and take naps whenever you wanted to.”

I said, “That sounds good to me.”

He said, “Well except for the getting your tail slammed in the door part. That has to hurt.”


4 Thoughts Shared to Boy Funnies

  1. Janet

    Love it!! He’s right!:)

  2. Amaria

    Those journals are sooo precious! I’m glad I started jotting things down to enjoy over and over again!

    I know. We think we won’t forget but we do!

  3. MamaHen

    Yeah, that getting your tail slammed would be no fun!


  4. Lisa

    lol…or your paw mashed, or your nap interrupted by the sweeper or the neighbors Goggie ruining your day barking!!!


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