Thing That Are Better

by adustyframe ~ June 1st, 2011

I was thinking about things that are better now that Lee is home and done with probation. WOO HOO!!!!

1. Less gas because he doesn’t live 25 miles away.

2. We don’t have to pay rent for his living outside the house.

3. Things get fixed around here way quicker.

4. We can go wherever we want whenever we want without asking permission.

5. I can spend time with my husband without having to shuffle James around. Finding care for him every time Lee and I wanted to see each other was a big burden.

6. I can be with my husband and son at the SAME TIME!

7. I feel lighter–not weight wise just burden wise.

I imagine there’s a lot more, but those are a few I can think of right away.


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  1. Jenn

    So many blessings indeed!

  2. Barbara H.

    I can imagine things are better in every way! I’m sure there are adjustments and speed bumps, as always, but overall what a blessing just to be together without having to get anyone’s permission.

  3. Sharlene

    I am glad that you can experience these blessings.

  4. Lisa

    That’s so nice!! Enjoy!

  5. josephine (lirette) rodrigue

    hey lizzie,
    i am so happy that your little family is all back together again. much blessings and happiness to you all.
    Josephine Rodrigue
    (Mrs. Lirette)

    Thank you!

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