by adustyframe ~ June 2nd, 2011

This weekend, we all 3 went away for one night. We had a really fun time. It was such a blessing to just be able to take off and go have fun.

My brother sent us a coupon book for the area, and we were able to do a couple attractions for free! One was a science place (not sure of the correct word!) with all sorts of things to try.

One was a face morphing glass. Lee sat on one side, and I sat on the other and when we aligned our faces just right they morphed together.


Except for the lady who leaned over to us and chuckled, “Just like jail huh?”

Lee and I looked at each other–how weird that she’d say that to us of all people.

Well, maam, no it’s not just like jail.

1. That’s not funny.

2. There were never any face morphing experiments looking through that glass.

3. We can stand up and reach around this glass and touch each other any time we want.

4. We’re walking out of here together.

So, nope. Nothing like jail at all!


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  1. Marie

    Ironic, definitely! But I bet that poor woman would be MORTIFIED if she had any idea how inappropriate that was. Better that y’all gave grace and didn’t say anything! Hope you had a good time (we went to the Kennedy Space Center on our vacation – the boys especially LOVED it!)


  2. Barbara H.

    How odd that she would say that! Glad you had a good time otherwise.

  3. Lisa

    People are clueless about the prison experience.

    yes and I guess that’s a good thing.

  4. Jenn

    Gah! If she only knew the irony! How lovely that you were all able to get away together. Refreshing!!!

    Irony is a good word! Refreshing is right!

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