Boy Funnies

by adustyframe ~ June 15th, 2011

Another oldie from the journal…

I love that my son still says some little boy things.

For “You’re welcome” he says, “I’m welcome.” He totally means you’re welcome–just doesn’t come out that way.

He says, “It doesn’t care.” for “it doesn’t matter”

For quite awhile he was saying “parisherate” for “appreciate” I think he has about figured that out now.

I always get a kick out of his saying things about when he was a little kid!

He’s also been asking a lot about getting married. “Is it hard to find someone to marry?”

YES! You probably won’t find anyone til you’re 95–right about the time I allow you to ride a motorcycle….

Then tonight he said, “If I’m rich when I grow up and get married, I’m going to give my kids $200 at Easter and stuff. Then my wife will probably say, ‘what did you do, we only have like a hundred dollars. Then she’ll slap me in the face.”

I don’t know where he gets the wife slapping the husband around–doesn’t happen here. (seriously)

Just thinking ahead I guess.


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  1. MamaHen

    My ten year old daughter still says, “It doesn’t care” I don’t know where she got it from, but it is stuck in her head.

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