by adustyframe ~ June 16th, 2011

After Valentines day, I found this little heart in the clearance aisle for .20.

I brought it home and told Lee and James that we will hide it for each other. When you find it in your things then you hide it for the next person.

It’s fun finding it in different places. The other day, I found it in my earring cup. It makes us smile and we usually holler something like, “Oh, I got the I love you!”

(Isn’t that earring cup cute? I found the idea in a Martha magazine.)



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  1. Barbara H.

    That is a cute earring cup!

    My husband and sons used to hide for each other…a plastic roach. It’s a guy thing, I guess!

  2. celina

    we usually hide a toy snake but i like yours better

    the cup might just be the saving grace for my dd’s earing and barrettes..(they can go IN th cup) on my side table….they are heavier and should stay in place, my baskets keep getting pushed around until they spill

  3. Pam

    Great idea!!!!

  4. IrisDreams

    I think the heart idea is wonderful! I also love the earring cup idea. I am going to start looking for a cute cup and saucer. 🙂

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