Telling’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ June 21st, 2011


Well, not sure what to say.

Right now I’m about 32 lbs away from my goal–MY goal not the weight charts goal;).

I’m doing good–although when we went out to eat for our anniversary I took some tastes of things not allowed on my plan.

That was fine–I planned to do that. What wasn’t fine was the following meals when I decided to take a few more tastes!

Yesterday, I prayed and also sternly spoke to myself and got back on track.

I’m really hoping to lose about 5-10 more pounds on this round before I take a break again. We shall see.

In food news–I’ve fallen in love with salsa verde–I put it on everything meat or veggie and it’s so tasty. I have to be careful to read that there’s no added sugar though.
What about you? Any health goals or progress this week?

What healthy stuff are you cooking?


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  1. Katrina

    I have really started working out again. It’s a great feeling. I’ve finally started taking advantage of the free classes through my gym. The ‘weight chart’ says I need to loose 40lb in order to ‘be healthly’. That would be less than what I weighed in high school! I feel 20lb would be plenty.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Barbara H.

    Good work! I’ve started exercising the past two weeks.

  3. Laura Lane

    Oh, I need to follow you. I could lose a lot and I mean a super lot of weight!

    I’m happy for you.

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