Boy Funnies

by adustyframe ~ June 22nd, 2011

Another oldie…

Tonight, he asked if Mom’s and Dad’s take a lot of time to pick a name for the baby. I told him how we chose his name.
Then I told some funny stories in regards to my siblings births and how our Mom and Dad chose our names.

He closed his eyes and appeared to be pretty close to sleeping. I said, “Am I boring you with my stories?”
He said, “Well if you had a slide show I’d probably stay awake.”

I howled at him. Then I said, “You like making Mom laugh don’t you?”
He said, “Yeah pretty much.”


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  1. PrayerSister

    LOL – that’s pretty good!
    Reminds me of how my parents chose Running Bear, Flying Eagle, & ______ Dog for us 😉

  2. Janet

    So cute!

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