Prison Knitting & Crafting & Not Getting To Forget

by adustyframe ~ June 22nd, 2011

A few weeks ago, I read on a forum about crafting programs in prisons.

A lot of the comments were negative–the stupid things that people say when they have NO IDEA what prison is like–or the stupid things they say when it’s never touched anyone they know or love.

A few ladies were really compassionate and supportive of these programs–I am as well. Interestingly enough, the compassionate people who supported these programs were mostly those who had loved ones or friends in prison (or had been incarcerated in the past).

I followed some of the links. This one is about quilting.

This one shares how a prison group knit Super Bowl scarves for fans in their city.

I shared about these programs here and here. I shared a couple other links in those posts.

Skip LeBarge supervises inmates who make knit and crochet animals.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ until a guy doing 800 years comes up to you all proud and burstin’ because he just crocheted his first cow.”

So, back to the forum and the stupid comments–the comments didn’t bother me. I am learning how to deal with them and I know it means they really have no clue or they simply couldn’t be so ignorant.

What got to me however, was the photos on the quilting article. I don’t know why but as soon as I clicked and saw the men in their greens, I felt myself gasp and tears came to my eyes.

I guess that as much as I’d like to think we’re past all this and I’m doing so great, it’s much more fresh than I’m admitting. It’s too real and to ugly and too hard and I hate being reminded of it.

Part of me would like to “Go Pollyanna” and just pick up the pieces and skip off into the future. But God gave me this trial for some reason. I don’t get to forget and I don’t get to pretend it didn’t happen. It’s good for me to be reminded that I don’t like seeing men in greens.

I felt shaky and sad all evening after viewing the photos (the photos themselves aren’t bad by the way!) I asked God to help me be compassionate and willing to let Him use this trial in whatever way He wants–even if that means we don’t get to forget.


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  1. Ashley

    I want to give you a hug!

    Aww:) Thank you! And one for you too((hugs))

  2. PrayerSister

    I’ll keep praying for you

  3. Katrina

    Thanks for sharing. I still have times when I am shocked that I react like that to things I feel I’ve put behind me.

  4. Pam

    Recently my husband was the keynote speaker for a Relay for Life event……he is a prostate cancer surviver ……his whole talk
    centered around the word “perspective”……ie hearing someone
    Has cancer…….hearing YOU have cancer…..I think this is very true
    In many aspects of our lives……and why we should NEVER say “I know how you feel……I’m just thankful the Lord does know how we feel.

  5. Janet

    ((((Hugs)))) to you, Lizzie!

    Perhaps God does not want you to forget so that you can minister to others. It really hurts me when someone judges me, forgeting how things were when they were a single mom. I so much want to forget all this, but I know I can’t. There are other women who will need my encouragement and perspective.

    On another note, the girls and I took a crocheting class and was SO surprised to see a man there crocheting. A big man. A big man wearing a police officer uniform.:)

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