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by adustyframe ~ June 24th, 2011


I do not digital scrapbook–but if you do here are some freebies

Patriotic Paper Lollies–so pretty!

Decorating with clipboards–really clever!

Homemade bagels

A cool clock idea–knitting

A free audio download from Answers in Genesis–How To Defend The Christian Faith In Today’s World


We get to go camping for a few nights in a couple of weeks–can you share any great camping tips (tent camping……my 1st time.. oh my goodness!)



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  1. Lisa

    My oldest son and I went tent camping a couple of weekends ago. If you’ll have an electric hook-up, take a fan of some kind. We took a 10-in. metal fan (I got it at Walmart for $15, soooo much better than a box fan!). Besides keeping you cool, it will help control flies around your table and mosquitos. Position it to blow over you. They can’t fly through a strong fan stream. Don’t forget to take an extension cord so you can place it where you need it. Another mosquito control trick: spray your area with Listerine every few hours. They don’t like the smell.

    Good tips thanks!

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