Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday

by adustyframe ~ June 28th, 2011

Nothing too exciting to share. My body is still doing the back and forth with a couple pounds. I’m not so happy about that!

I do notice that I am losing inches though. I wore a skirt to a wedding on Saturday that I couldn’t button a month ago so that’s good!

Another thing I discovered is good!

I’ve been taking photos all along as I lose weight. I needed to do that to show my brain that I am losing weight. I realized last week that at first I needed the photos because I needed help seeing I’d lost weight.

Now when I look back at my original photos–I don’t recognize myself as that! I think that’s good progress for my mind. I’m praying I’ll get my mind and thinking where it belongs by the time I’m at my goal.

Right now that feels a long way away even though I’m much closer than I’ve ever been!


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