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by adustyframe ~ June 28th, 2011

Today, Lee was watching something on Netflix about jail!

I do NOT understand that man sometimes. It was 30 Days and the jail episode. I can’t vouch for language and all subject matter but parts of it were good.

Here’s a blog review of the episode.

Lee wanted me to watch the visiting scene with him. It made me cry you know. He had tears in his eyes too.

They showed the man’s parents coming to see him and how they have to put their hands on the glass. It showed him watching out the window hoping to see them when they left. THAT’S the part that made me cry.

Lee and I both said a couple things.

1. Yes he was there for 30 days but he didn’t have anything hanging over his head. No probation, no legal fees, if for some reason he had to leave (family emergency etc) he could have left. So actually it wasn’t really real.

2. His family visiting was definitely sad, but even they knew it wasn’t real. They came to see him on his project. Completely different than a real visit.

3. His family was shocked there weren’t programs for him to take while he was there. Right–in jail there rarely is. It’s prison that tries to get some in.

4. This jail fed 800 prisoners on 500 dollars a  meal. He said, “What kind of food can they serve for that price?” He concluded that it wasn’t good food or food good for you–RIGHT!

So, if you’re interested in a small glimpse of jail you may want to watch. It should be quite a bit tamer than some of those other prison type shows. But like I said I didn’t watch the whole thing so I’m not sure about all the language.



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  1. Eunice

    I had seen that show quite awhile ago , I thought the same thing , when you know it’s for 30 day’s it is not anything like real life. And I agree , all the other things that follow are never mentioned. But it did give a small glimse as to what some of it can be like. I do like some of his other 30 day shows , esp the one about a family living on minimum wages.
    Have a fabulous week !

  2. Janet

    Thank you always, Lizzie, for your honesty. I would have never known so many things about prison life if you’d not shared them here. I always felt compassion for people in prison, but not what I should have. You have sure helped to open a little window in my mind for more understanding and compassion.

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