Boy Funnies

by adustyframe ~ June 29th, 2011

I’m cracking up reading these old stories about silly things James said!

The other night my son said,”I’m NEVER going to be a Pastor. All you do is stand up there and talk and say verses.”
I said, “Well Pastor does a lot more than that. Remember he came over and looked at the car and he visits sick people and..”
My child says, “Yeah well, I don’t want to stand up there and have MY legs getting tired!”

Then he asked if he will be able to choose where he goes to college when he grows up?
I said “Of course.”  He put his hands over his face and shrieked “BIBLE COLLEGE! PLEASE don’t send me to Bible college!”
(He has 2 Grandparents and a mom and 2 aunts and an 2 uncles that survived! I’m thinking this boy is going to be a Pastor. )

I was reading him a book about George Washington. When it got to the part about writing the Constitution, the preamble was included.
I read it and then he wiped pretend tears away and patted me on the arm and said, “That was beautiful man.”

What a kid!


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  1. Katrina

    I can’t wait to someday meet your little guy in person!

  2. Ame

    that IS funny! he’s got a great sense of humor.

    i decided in 5th grade i did NOT want to be a school teacher. then i lived in fear God would make me be a school teacher. He didn’t. i’m not.

    but, He did give me the spiritual gift of teaching about Him and His word 🙂

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