by adustyframe ~ June 30th, 2011

I was thinking today that for all the writing and praying I’ve done about my marriage, I’m definitely not the expert.

Please don’t think I am!

Lately, I pretty much feel like the failure on that topic–if I’m going to be honest with you. I think that no matter how honest I was with myself, I really did think adjusting to having my husband home full time would have been so much dreamier ;).

It’s definitely work and I definitely have to admit that I’m waaaaaaaaaaaaay too controlling and lose my temper way too quickly.

I could have skipped telling you this–that would have been easier! But I’m trying to be open on this blog and I also want you to know that even though I seek to please God I fail and have to get back up and depend on Him even more.

And you can always pray for us (for me!).



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  1. Pam

    Oh Lizzie…….I know it is diffent but it looks as though my husband
    may be home full time soon…….he has been offered early retirement and he will probably accept…….Oh My……we really cannot afford it
    He’ll have to do something……not only for the $$$$$$ but for both of our sanity……please pray that he will recognize the right opportunity that the Lord already has for him.
    God Bless

  2. Barbara H.

    When my husband was working away from home every week for a year and just coming home on weekends, one clue that we could not go on that way was the readjustment (and accompanying negative feelings) I had when he was home — the loss of freedom of schedule and doing things “my” way. That sounds so awful, that I would practically treasure that more than his presence. In reality I did treasure him more, but my feelings betrayed I treasured “my way” more. That’s the flesh, awful as it is. Thank God He loves me and works with me still.

  3. Lisa

    Don’t beat yourself up. It’s a HUGE transition for all 3 of you. He’s fully human and he’s lived for a while with people who try not to be. You’ve spent several years being almost super-human in dealing with your store, your child, then a new way to support your family, the prison visits. You were the grown up throughout. I’d be shocked if you weren’t having some trouble settling in. I pray it all comes out ok but if it doesn’t just be honest with everyone. You owe no one an explanation–just a simple “it didn’t work” and move on if you want to still blog. I have tremendous faith in the power of the Lord to guide us thru times of trial though!! The horrible economy isn’t helping things for your husband and I doubt it’s easy for him to face the fact that you were left to do it all…. Hand in there–I’m always praying for you guys. (And I haven’t forgotten the Latin books!!)

  4. Ame

    ditto. marriage is simply hard 🙂

    things are rarely what we think they’re gonna be. usually those who have all the answers haven’t lived through it 🙂

  5. danielle @ RLR

    My hubby used to work from home and somehow we managed to not kill each other. Life shifted and now he’s working a nine to five office job. It is not uncommon on weekends for me to think back on our always together season and wonder “how the heck did we do that?!” 😉

    Love reading this post.

    Popping in and following from the Crew 🙂


  6. Christy

    Oh, me, too! Marriage is a journey, a sanctification process, I think. 🙂

  7. Erika

    I pray things are easier for you now.

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