Field Trip?

by adustyframe ~ July 13th, 2011

While camping last week, we needed to go to town for bread and milk. On the way back to the camp, we drove past a church I went to as a Jr. High girl. I also went to the school at the church.

I said, “Hey there’s a car–let’s stop.” So we knocked on the door and the pastor let us in. I hadn’t been back since 8th grade. It looks way smaller than I remembered it!

The pastor knew of my dad and also knew our current pastor. We talked for awhile and then I took James around and showed him stuff. Some funny stories in my life happened there so I pointed out a few things. Like the stairway where I fell and cracked my tail bone while playing hide and seek, or rooms that his aunt or I had classes in.

It was fun to see the old stomping grounds.

As we pulled away, Lee said, “You know we’re not far from where I was.”

BLECH! Just like that I felt sick.

He said, “I almost told the pastor I used to live here and when he asked where I was going to say, Oh just down the road in the prison. ” Ha ha funny.

I said, “If you need to go see it then let’s go.”

Personally, seeing razor wire isn’t my idea of a good time. I didn’t like 1 minute that I spent at that institution and if I never saw it again I wouldn’t care!

But we went. When we turned on the road toward the prison, I felt pressure rising up in my chest.

Lee said, “Man I feel like throwing up. I said I did too.

He drove in, circled the parking lot and left.

He smiled at me, “It sure feels good to just leave but I feel sick.”

I said, “THANKS FOR RUINING OUR DAY.” But I was just teasing him. I said, “I guess it’s a really good thing that you feel sick looking at that. Let’s just keep it that way please!”

Prison isn’t a fun field trip  but I was glad that’s all it was!



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  1. Lisa

    I’m just hoping I don’t have to take more weekend “field trips” to one!

    Me too–for you! ((Hugs))

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