Around Here

by adustyframe ~ July 14th, 2011

We’re cleaning up the tree that fell on the garage.

James is going to church camp next week!

I’m thinking I need to get school organized for the upcoming year.

It’s been pleasant but I hear it’s going to get hot soon.

VBS is coming up–I’m the director! (Yikes)

Lee’s back to work.

I’m on the phase of my diet that gives me a break–a break that allows cheese–it’s all good!

We’re waiting for a new nephew–just a few more weeks!

Hmmm…. that about sums it up!



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  1. Lisa

    Glad to hear Lee’s back to work!! We’re back to house arrest! UGH! Will the summers ever be over??

  2. Janet

    I’m praising God with you that Lee is back to work!

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