by adustyframe ~ July 20th, 2011


1. We had a photo session last week with a friend. She took some that I can possibly share on the blog. We haven’t had family portraits since James was a baby.

2. It’s quite hot here! We have a window unit in our bedroom. At least it’s pleasant at night.

3. James is at camp and it’s quiet around here!

4. Lee lost his job on Monday. It was quite the surprise. He went back after his 3 week lay off for 1 week. He found out that a couple guys had quit so we were hoping that he would be hired.

Instead they told him he was too slow and they didn’t need him. He was running a machine that he didn’t know how to run and he was up front about that and when they hired him they said it was no big deal and they’d train him.

So…. we’re back to the job hunt. I was super discouraged on Monday. Before he was laid off, I had the emergency fund almost funded and a great plan for digging out of our finance hole.

After the lay off we’re pretty much back to square one and now the emergency fund is mostly gone.  I really don’t know what the Lord’s plan is.

You can pray for me to keep the faith and not go crazy!

That’s about it!


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  1. Sally Martin

    Praying for you.

  2. Lisa

    I’m so sorry. You know the “survival” drill too well. But I hope Lee won’t become discouraged and angry–it is another blow for him. I will be praying.

  3. Robin in New Jersey

    big sigh…I am right there with you. We have no emergency fund any more. My husband works 12 hour days, and we still can’t pay all our bills.

    Will send up a prayer for you.

  4. Pam

    Lizzie….Lizzie…..Lizzie……as a mom, and grandmother my heart breaks for you……your faith and strength is soooooo inspiring…..
    I’m glad you are all under one roof finally but I really pray for stability in Lees employment…….God Bless, Pam, South Bend

  5. Barbara H.

    I’m so sorry about the job loss. I hope and pray God brings about the perfect job soon.

  6. Janet

    How wonderful that you had family portraits made! I don’t like having pictures made with just my daughters–we are a broken family and it shows.:(

    TRY not to worry about the job–I’m saying this from someone who has to beg God to help my unbelief! God never takes anything away without giving us something FAR better!

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