Once A Year….Doesn’t Cut It

by adustyframe ~ July 20th, 2011


Once a year, my dad asked for a piano lesson. So, of course I had to drop everything and go to the piano with him. I’d pull out the primer books and set them in front of him.

“NO! Not that stuff!” imagine a tone of complete derision. “I want you to teach me how to play the stuff you play.”

I’m not sure but I’m fairly certain I snorted out loud!  “DAAAAD! You can’t play what I play when you only sit down to the piano once a year.”

Aren’t we like that? We want to sail through life effortlessly and have the blessings or talents that others have. Yet we don’t want the discipline required.

We don’t want the discipline that a personal relationship with Christ takes. So we look at others and wonder why God is blessing them so much?

We look at someone that paints or stitches or decorates. We want to be able to do what they do without learning the fundamental steps necessary to excel.

We look at someone in business and snort, “Must be nice to be so loaded to open a store.” When we don’t see the hours of sacrifice or the myriad of ways they applied themselves and did it “right”.

We don’t become advanced pianists by taking one lesson a year.

Neither do we walk closely with our Lord by stopping by church once in awhile.

Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Here is one recording of me playing the piano–the Christmas song is on here somewhere too…

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