Job~Prayer Request

by adustyframe ~ July 22nd, 2011

Lee had an interview yesterday for a trucking job! They weren’t explicit in saying, “You have the job.” But they said, “If it doesn’t rain, you’ll start on Monday. I’ll call you.”

So we’re sitting around waiting for a call and hoping it’s really going to happen. You can pray. This would be ideal. It is a seasonal job and will probably be long hours but it will give him experience trucking and may help him move on to a full time trucking job soon.

He also has an interview at a construction company today. It’s a long drive and low pay, but he’s willing to do it if it gets him a job for awhile.


Please pray that he will get the job that will pay our bills!

Thanks~We’re encouraged because in the past, he’s had to apply to hundreds (literally) of jobs before anyone calls.


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  1. Lisa

    I just prayed for him and will keep doing so. Hope it turns out well.

  2. Janet

    Praying, Lizzie! This is very promising and exciting!

  3. Pam

    Tonight at 6 my son-in-law is getting a call from a man that he thinks would be a great boss……he is a Christian man who treats his people well and does lots of mission work……please pray that this man will see the potential in my soninlaw……God Bless

  4. Jill

    Oh I truly hope one of these pans out, especially the trucking job! Will keep you guys in my prayers!

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