Very Neat Story~Repost

by adustyframe ~ August 15th, 2011

I was going to save this one for Works of God, but it’s too cool to save.

Yesterday, Lee and I were driving around the town I grew up in. We drove past my family’s old home and saw a for rent sign.

I said, “We should just call and see how much it is.” I called and got a machine. The man called me back and got my machine. I called him this evening and as he explained about the house, I said, “Yes, I know I grew up there.”

“Oh cool” he said. Then he proceeded to tell me about the new garage. I told him that my dad built that before they moved.

“Wait a minute.” he said. “Is your dad a pastor?”

“Yes, he’s a pastor.” I told him.

He said, “I’ve been wondering for years if this was the house. I don’t know if you remember but many years ago, I was running for city council and I was campaigning in your neighborhood.”

I immediately knew who it was, because we still joke about this. He has a memorable name and we laughed about how Dad made this dude come in and eat with us.

I asked if he was so and so and he said, “Yes. That’s me.” then he said, “Well your dad made me come in and have dessert and coffee and he tried to convert me.”

I stifled a giggle. At this point, I wasn’t sure if he was bitter about this or just telling a story.

He continued, “I sat there the whole time thinking that I have to get out of here. This guy is weird! But at that point, I thought all Christians were weird. But I have to tell you that now I’m a born again Christian. The Lord got a hold of my life and flipped me totally around.”

Hearing this excited me so much! I almost had chills. I shared how the Bible says some plant seeds, some water, and some harvest. Apparently my dad was the seed planter.

So many times, people are reluctant to witness because we’re afraid or shy. Sometimes people think that they aren’t getting “any results”. The Bible says, it’s just our job to plant the seeds. The Gospel isn’t about getting results, that’s up to the Holy Spirit. We just have to share.

How cool is it that my dad planted seeds in this man’s life? The man remembers hearing the Gospel–it made an impression on him. So much that he remembered the house and my family and what we served him for dessert.

I asked if he won the election and he said “By a landslide.”

He told me that he’s now an elder and interim pastor at his church.

I called my dad as soon as I hung up. My Dad was excited. Then, I called my mom. I asked if she remembered so and so and she said, “Yes, we had him in to eat ice cream.”

She got chills when I told her the story.

I had a really rough day today. The stress was oozing from my pores, but I have to say all evening I’ve been on a “praising God” high! I am so excited about hearing this story and I think God is awesome that he let me hear it on a day that I needed encouragement.


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