Tellin’ The Truth Thursday

by adustyframe ~ August 18th, 2011


So, I’m just a couple days late….

I posted earlier this week how I don’t even recognize my life sometimes. The same goes for my body!

I catch a glimpse of myself sometimes and think, “Phew! I don’t mind seeing myself in the mirror.” I was drying off after a shower the other night and I lifted up my arm to dry it and saw my wrist–my normal size wrist and I can see the bone on the side! Woo hoo

I looked in the mirror the other day and said, “Well hello, collar bones. I don’t recall ever seeing you!” They don’t stick out yet but they’re there and I like seeing them!

I also like feeling the side of my knee–it’s just bone not fat!

So there’s a little diet update. I haven’t really lost much over this summer although I’m maintaining (or losing the same weight over and over….)

What about you? Any health progress or goals?


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  1. Sally Martin

    That’s really exciting I am happy for you. I and my husband went for a very short walk last night, but it is the first time I have attemted a walk for a long time. My goal is to try doing so each day for a short distance even when it hurts. Pray for me.

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